Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's do lunch

My all-time favorite makeup line, Smashbox, has a thing they call Let’s Do Lunch on their website every Tuesday and Thursday. On these days if you purchase anything from their website during lunch time (9am to 2pm PST- for you east coasters like myself that is 12pm to 5pm), you get a free gift! And I’m not talking those little samples you get with your Sephora orders (though I love those too) but full sized products! Plus their site has free standard shipping all the time with no minimums! I love this makeup brand. Their stuff is of impeccably high quality (it is designed by makeup artists after all) and it’s all so wearable. They are all about making you look like yourself but better which is my mantra when it comes to makeup. There is a place and time for bright colored, statement makeup, but how few and far between are those occasions?

Either way, last Thursday I ordered one of their eye shadow trios in Big Screen (this was in their Curtain Call section which means it was on sale for $21.00) and received one of their Fusion Soft Lights quads in as part of their lunch special. They also threw in a sample of their incredibly popular O-Gloss too. Did I mention I love free stuff? If you haven’t tried their eye shadows, you are missing out something serious because they have the smoothest, cashmere-like texture. Their Soft Lights products are highlighters used to give you that flawless face look, like you’ve been photographed with ultra forgiving soft focus lenses. And if you haven’t heard of O-Gloss, it’s an evolution of their O-Glow blush that adjusts to your body temperature and skin tone to give you that perfect, natural blushed look. It’s supposed to be what you would actually look like if you were blushing. So, their O-Gloss is that same idea but aimed at your lips; your own customized gloss color. This stuff is pretty cool to see in action because it comes out of the tube perfectly clear but as it warms up to your skin, it turns your perfect, subtle color. It’s definitely worth a try next time you’re in Sephora.

P.S. I tried to find a pic to go along with this post forever but I just couldn't find anything that made sense. So, I decided to spare you guys a pic of a tuna sandwich or some sushi or something... mmm, sushi!

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