Sunday, July 27, 2008

40% Off Sale at Trade Secret and Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner Review (updated)

I went to the mall on Saturday with my husband, since he actually wanted to go shopping (minor miracle probably due to the fact that he wanted buy Rockband). So, while he indulged his obsession at Gamestop, I indulged mine at Trade Secret. I don't usually shop at this store, however, I was lured in by the word "clearance." Before I could even make it to the clearance rack, I saw that they had all of their liter sized shampoos and conditioners on sale for 40% off.

Even though I have my set regimen, I am still curious about a few products that I have always heard rave reviews about. Two of these products are the Joico Moisture Recovery condtioner and the Kenra Moisturizing conditioner. So, I picked up a liter of both of these conditioners, originally $29.95 and $30.00, respectively, for about $38.00 after tax. I can't resist a deal!

Since, today was wash day, I decided to try out the Joico. This conditioner is specifically designed for dry hair and contains Hydramine Sea Complex, Quadramine Complex and jojoba oil to provide the ultimate in moisture replenishment. It promises to leave dry hair revitalized, hydrated, smooth and manageable with increased elasticity.

My two cents:

My hair already felt wonderful after doing a pre-shampoo treatment with Mizani's Fufyl conditioner. I applied the Joico to my hair after rinsing and lightly towel blotting as usual. The smell is pleasant, nothing particularly outstanding or offensive. After deep conditioning my hair for 20 minutes under my hooded dryer, my hair felt wonderful. It felt really hydrated and my hair was extremely easy to detangle. I always use high quality products for my hair, so I wouldn't say this was an enlightening hair experience but it worked very well. The true test will be in the coming days. I will have to see how long this well moisturized feeling lasts before I fully give it my stamp of approval.

Either way, this sale is great opportunity to stock up on some staples or try something new.


Well, it's been a few days and this stuff is the truth! My hair is still incredibly soft and moisturized and I have only applied my moisturizer once since I washed my hair. Tomorrow is supposed to be wash day, but my hair feels so great I think I can go another day. Joico Moisture Recovery has officially achieved hairlove status.

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