Thursday, July 24, 2008

Minimal Makeup Must-haves

When you are running late for work, what do you grab? Your lunch, your keys… your blush? What are your absolute must-haves in terms of makeup before you will step out of the door?

Even though I adore makeup, I seldom have time during the week to pull together a full look. Full face makeup, eye shadow experimentation, and all-around attempting not to look like a bum are reserved for the weekends. However, I have this ever growing stash of makeup that I’m starting to feel guilty about not tapping into a daily basis. As a result, I have been trying to incorporate small, quick steps into my daily routine that will help me look more polished without having to whip out a ton of makeup brushes and products every day of the week. Plus I am a big fan of letting my face breathe. I really get the feeling that wearing a ton of makeup too often can wreak havoc on your skin, no matter how gentle it claims to be.

Anyway, my makeup must have has always been groomed eyebrows because they make such a world of difference. No matter how beautiful your clean skin or makeup is, if your eyebrows are jacked, your whole look is… whack (when did I become the Black Dr. Seuss?). So, before I head out of the door, I am sure to pull out some clear mascara (the one pictured above is by Covergirl) and groom my brows. I have recently also been experimenting with adding a touch of blush (Everyday Minerals blush in Wake up Call) or bronzer (Mabelline Dream Matte mousse in Glistening Sun). I pride myself on my clear skin, so I’ve just been looking for something to add a little punch to my otherwise plain Jane look. I always have a plethora of lip gloss choices in my purse (my fave everyday gloss is C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Magenta Mint), so I swipe that on in the car and I’m good to go! What are your minimal makeup must-haves?

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