Friday, July 25, 2008

Save the masks for Halloween

Why is that most cosmetics companies have yet to realize that Black women come in a beautiful array of colors too? You look at most cosmetics lines and they have such wide array of choices for women of other races, with options ranging from very fair to olive skin tones. However, they seem to think that Black women come in just a few-black and very black.

This can make finding the right foundation match an extremely frustrating process. And what can make the process even more trying is the fact that how a foundation looks in your bathroom mirror can be very different from how it looks outdoors. Most of you probably know to check your foundation color on your jawline and to check the color in natural light. However, did you know that you should also check your potential match in a photo? I have seen enough pictures of celebs and other women with an off looking foundation to know that the mask look is definitely not in, unless we are talking Halloween... and even then, who'd want to go as an ashy version of themselves?

So, my foundation matching musts are:

1) Check the color against your jawline and be sure that it disappears completely.
2) Review your color choice in natural light.
3) Say cheese... fromage... queso, whatever. Just be sure that the first test click you take with your new foundation is not while you're out on the town with your girlies.

And, oh yeah, make sure your store of choice has a great return policy because this could take a while.

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